A team of Real estate Brokers dedicated to providing quality Real Estate solutions.


Leasing of Properties: Self – contain apartments 1 bedroom flat 2 bedroom flat 3 bedroom flat, etc Bungalows Duplexes Short stay apartments for summer visitors in the US & UK

Sell of properties: in the UK, Dubai and US Sale of Properties: Land of various sizes Houses of various types Also, we make available accommodation and properties in the UK, Dubai & US

PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT: We partner with property owners to enable raise their property from the foundation. Project monitoring / project management. Also, construction of low / high income houses.

CONSULTANCY AND AGENCY: We give advice on real estate to clients

VALUATION: We value for all purposes: Mortgage Sales Compensation, etc

FEASIBILITY AND VIABILITY APPRAISAL: Projection of project possibilities Projection of project profitability Advice on alternative investment.


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